Pilot Information

CTAF: 123.075

PCL: 122.7 (3X) Click Slowly!

Cape Approach: 118.2 (603) 594-5554


Runway 7/25: 2300 X 40 ft paved and lighted (no night transient operations)

Elevation 43′  Typical Pattern Altitude 1043′ MSL


RIGHT PATTERN FOR RUNWAY 7!!!!!  (This keeps you out of Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station (KFMH) Airspace that is 5 miles to the north)




Fuel: 100LL, 94UL


– Be aware of high speed jet and heavy helicopter traffic operating to / from Cape Cod

        Coast Guard Air Station (KFMH).

– Airport closed to aircraft exceeding 5000 lbs maximum gross weight.

– Turf around runway 07/25 soft after rain.

– Transient operation daytime only.  No night transient takeoffs or landings.

- Private: No Landing Fee, Overnight Parking $15

- Commercial: $25 Landing Fee or $500 per season (Memorial Day - Labor Day)

Falmouth Airpark (5B6)

For information only.  Check A/FD