Pilot Information

AIRPORT MANAGER: 508-548-9617


BOSTON APP/DEP CON 118.2 (1000–0500Z‡)

BOSTON CENTER APP/DEP CON 128.75 (0500–1000Z‡)

CLEARANCE DELIVERY PHONE: For CD contact Boston Approach at 603-594-5554.

RWY 07–25:

  • Hard Surface 2298’ X 40’ Asphalt

  • Low Intensity Runway Lights (LIRL)

    • Activate LIRL Runway 07–25 frequency 122.7.

    • ACTVT runway lights with 5 clicks on frequency 122.7.

    • Runway 07–25 non–standard LIRL runway lights, lights are offset 40’ north of runway.

  • RWY 07: Trees. Right traffic.

  • RWY 25: Trees.

SERVICE: FUEL 100LL, UL94 AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended 1300–2100Z‡.


  • Wildlife on and in the vicinity of the airport.

  • Watch for pedestrians or animals on and in vicinity of runway.

  • Self-service 100LL and UL94 available with credit card.

  • Turf around Runway 07–25 soft after rain.

  • Be aware of hi–speed military jet and heavy helicopter traffic in vicinity of Cape Cod CGAS.

  • Airport closed to aircraft exceeding 5000 lbs published maximum Gross Takeoff Weight

  • Non–standard yellow chevrons at approach ends of runway 07-25.

  • Tie downs available in fuel shed.

  • Transient operations daytime only. No night transient takeoffs or landings.

  • No transient student activities, solo or dual at 5B6.

  • Full stops only. Touch and Go Landings prohibited.

  • Landing Fee for commercial operations. Fee for overnight parking.

Noise Abatement

  • On departure, climb on runway heading at Vx to 750,’ consistent with safe operation.

  • All run ups are to be performed parallel to the runway and clear of all structures.

  • Run ups may not be performed between hangars or in close proximity to other airport structures. Designated run up areas are at the ends of runways.

These guidelines are designed to help us be good neighbors with our surrounding community and avoid noise complaints. Please abide by them.