Pilot Information
For information only.  Check the Chart Supplement

CTAF: 123.07    PCL: 122.7 (5X)    ATIS 120.475 (Coast Guard) 


Clearance: 1-603-594-5554 (Boston Approach)


Left traffic to Runway 25, Right traffic to Runway 7
All Traffic to South side of Airport.
TPA is 1041'

Straight-out departures and / or straight in arrivals are discouraged.

Follow standardized traffic pattern and noise abatement procedures.

On departure, climb on runway heading at Vx to 750' consistent with safe operation (AIM).  Be aware of the Coast Guard Air Station Class D (KFMH) when departing Runway 7.  Reduce RPM as soon as possible.


Radio use, for position reports in the pattern and on ground, is necessary for safe operation.

Touch & Go Landings prohibited.  No flight operations between 11 pm and 5 am.  Flybys are discouraged.  Repeat offenders will be asked not to return.

No transient operations sunset to sunrise.
No transient flight instruction - solo or dual.

Weight Limit is 5000# published maximum gross weight.

Helicopters should avoid the flow of fixed wing traffic.  No hover or taxi practice.  No prolonged parking with rotor under power.  Taxi clear of fixed wing aircraft.
All unattended aircraft must be tied down.
All run ups are to be performed parallel to the runway and clear of all structures.  Run ups may not be performed between hangars or in close proximity to other airport structures.  Designated run up areas are at ends of runways.
Grass taxiways, tie down areas, and other areas adjacent to the runway may be very soft after precipitation.  Use common sense when taxiing on the grass.  Stay on paved areas whenever possible.
These guidelines are designed to help us be good neighbors with our surrounding community and avoid noise complaints.  Please abide by them.